IAPT Delivery Providers

Citizen Coaching

Citizen Coaching

At Citizen Coaching CIC, a social enterprise, we enable adults and young people to live better lives by providing timely, affordable, jargon-free access to counselling, anger management, personal development coaching and employment skills training delivered by a friendly professional team.

0121 314 7075


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Pattigift Therapy

Pattigift Therapy

Our approach to psychotherapy is Psychodynamic or Integrative, founded on an African centred psychological understanding, the underpinning philosophy of Ubuntu.

0121 236 3551


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St Martins

St Martins

St Martin’s isn’t just a church in the traditional sense of that word. As well as our regular prayer and worship we try to serve those who need help in as many practical and creative ways that we can.

We have a counselling service run by our sister charity ‘St Martin’s Centre for Health and Healing’ and we try to offer practical help for those who find themselves on the edge of life.

0121 600 6025


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0121 440 5296


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Spring to Life

Spring to Life

Everyone wants to find success and fulfilment in life. Your past experiences sometimes hold you back and affect your relationships, but the good news is, everyone can discover their true value and capabilities.

Emotional well-being underpins your ability to reach your full potential, and is also proven to enhance your physical health.

No matter where you are on your journey, you can learn to make the changes you need. Spring to Life offers a variety of therapeutic services based on well-respected & proven approaches.

07856 277 028


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Change Birmingham Therapy

Being an established organisation specialising in using the Solution Focused approach.

Change prides itself as a SF resources provider of excellence.

Change has highly experienced SF practitioners, educational workers and researchers who are the first port of call for SF trainers, mentors and supervisors.

0121 638 0670


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Health Exchange

Our Feel-Good Wellbeing Service aims to improve a sense of wellbeing, reduce levels of anxiety and depression, and allow individuals to take control of their lives.

The service is a low level intervention scheme to help promote a happy health mental wellbeing and lifestyle.

0121 663 1559


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Disability Resource Centre

DRC is a charity run by disabled people, for disabled people. Since our inception in 1992, we have helped 85,000 people to regain control over their lives. Our warm and friendly staff, many of whom are disabled themselves, provide inspirational role models to encourage people to make the most of every opportunity.

Our services include:

  • Personal skills development
  • Information, advice, advocacy and debt advice
  • Social & leisure activities
  • Employment preparation, volunteering & work experience

0303 040 2040


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​Our Roots CIC

Our Roots

We offer services that directly benefit the community such as Counselling and emotional health, health promotion, mental health, early detection and prevention of entering unwanted systems and behaviour such as crime, mental ill-health and a sense of hopelessness.

We also support the efforts of the government and local authority of creating a better, bigger society with family, social and national values.

We do this by adopting the delivery of responsive services, in a professional environment and in a responsive way.

0121 359 3739


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The Lateef Project

The Lateef Project

The Lateef Project is a community led counselling service for Muslims and people related to the Muslim community in Birmingham, a confidential emotional support service available at the cost of a call.

The service uses male and female volunteers trained in Islamic counselling to a level where they can support you, with understanding of the sorts of issues that happen in our lives.

07900 691 670


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Newman Health & Wellbeing

0121 483 2205


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Birmingham Women’s Consortium

Womens Consortium

The women’s consortium offers a wide range of psychological support.

This support is through counselling. But the women’s consortium also offer mediation.

07814 960 713


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My Time CIC

My Time

My Time is an award-winning, pioneering and innovative service user led multi-lingual community mental health service provider working in the Midlands and the Isle of Wight.

In 12 years it has developed community based solutions to increasing levels of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and long-term mental health issues. In December 2015, it became a fully integrated division of Richmond Fellowship.

0121 766 6699


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